Friday, June 09, 2006


Often hot women get even hotter when they're on the beach. This is
not to say that they're any better looking, but you'd better not be
looking at them the wrong way in those string bikinis or they'll get
crochety and agitated. Naturally once the thong is sanded, the malady
still lingers on. Of course the sight of sunbathing women is hard to
top, so I'm kind of strapped to come up with any good lines about
that. What actually impressed me the most at the beach recently was
not a woman, but this one guy I spotted who had apparently spent the
entire week basking in the sun. His skin was a golden brown color and
had such a sensuous texture that it really made me...oh...I'm sorry,
I was apparently getting off on a tan gent.

Gary Hallock


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