Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I was visiting a friend who has an enormous collection of shoes in
his closet. He was proudly giving me a tour of his collection, which
included not only a large amount of shoes, boots, sandals etc. but
also quite an array shoe-related accessories and paraphenalia.

Along one wall of his enormous closet he had dozens of those funny
wooden foot-shaped inserts that are used to help shoes hold their
shape when not being worn. For some reason he had all of these
contraptions separated and labeled by season. One particular pair of
the wooden devices, however, bore a label with a more specific date,
"June 21."

"What's the deal with that pair?" I asked. "Do you only use them on a
certain date?"

"Yes," he replied. "Those are my "summer sole stays."

Gary Hallock


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