Friday, December 19, 2008


Early in the space race the sanitary conditions were not too strict on
NASA's launch pads. That's why the astronauts were always having
boosters shot.

Nobody likes to be rubbed the wrong way, but if I were a hard-working
terrorist a soothing bomb is something I couldn't refuse at the end of

To celebrate a variety of exuberant moments, I was once in the habit
of giving a hearty "high-five" to my pals. Then one day I
mysteriously began to grow extra fingers on both hands. Naturally this
made it a bit difficult to execute the maneuver properly and I had to
modify the practice. My condition became so bad that eventually I had
grown three extra digits on each hand. Now I have had to put all of my
celebratory gestures on high-eight-us.

By now most savvy web users have learned to be wary of possible
"phishing" scams. If you suspect something you're seeing on a website
is a bit "phishy" you probably should not even enter nets.

Near the end of his life, Don Juan, the notorious "lady's man" decided
to write up his life's story. Naturally he wanted to compile a proper
chronology of all the women he had successfully seduced. Thus, he
began searching through all his old diaries in an effort to put his
affairs in order.

Gary Hallock


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