Friday, March 13, 2009


Last week in the midmorning sky, many people witnessed a dramatic blazing meteor plunge to earth over Texas. Such a thing is very rare in daylight and those who didn't see it are very skeptical. They're calling it a fiery tale story.

Vain environmentalists are mostly concerned about improving their own ego systems.

While doing some landscaping one day, I busted a rock in half and discovered something that appeared to be the calcified remains of an human appendage. Thinking this might be an anthropological breakthrough, I took it to a local archaeologist to have him assess it. Turned out I was mistaken, it was just a fossil arm.

When corn farmers have trouble with their crop yield, they used to resort to crop rotation. Recent studies suggest that rotation can cause your kernels to get dizzys and can even lead to crop circles. Many farmers are now embracing a new concept for irrigating corn crops that includes a slow drip infusion distilled from popular soft drink. This new system is called a "Coke leaker in plant." It's supposed to be very good for weak ears. You might be a maized.

Gary Hallock


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