Monday, August 23, 2010


There are good grounds for the reputation of brewed coffee as a potent stimulant. When you drink enough of it, you're bound to be perky later. Learn to espresso yourself!

If you try to amputate the pedal digit of a ghost you're bound to spill some ick toe plasm. 

Mayonnaise the time I've wondered what might happen if nobody enforced Cole's law. That would be pure Hellman!

There's a group of women's advocates that is lobbying to have Old Faithful declared to be female. They contend that something that dependable could not be a guy, sir.

Can you recall the name of that little town near Duluth? Oh, that's a real know Brainerd.

She hired me to stand guard on her jewels so I was able to overlook her vaults.

My crazy architect wants to make a larger opening in the front of the building. I really don't know what's going through that edifice. 

Gary Hallock


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