Saturday, August 14, 2010


If you're drilling for water and strike oil, could you consider
that occidental petroleum?

If you want to polish the furniture on a U-boat without anyone
noticing it, should you use subliminal?

If you're teaching beginners to dribble a basketball, should you
first lay out the ground drools?

If you are timing the progress of a boat with a chronometer and it
achieves a certain speed while you're observing it, might you report
"Knot on my watch."

If a female masseuse is called in to "work over" members of a musical
troupe but is not allowed to wear latex gloves, would she have to rub
'er band with rubber banned?

If you wanted to end it all by leaping off a cliff but a thick fog
rolled in just before you made your leap, would you be jumping to

If an escaped prisoner caught a ride with Siamese twins, should you
consider them conjoined?

Gary Hallock


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