Tuesday, July 31, 2007


My brother-in-law just turned 40. He sold his Town &Country mini-van
and bought himself a snazzy little PT Cruiser. I think he's going
thru a mid-life Chrysler.

I know a guy who has a French dog whose parents were both without
pedigree. He calls him "Cur Mutt the Frog."

And then there was the clumsy young emu who grew up so fast that he
was always stumbling over his nest mates. He was eventually ostrich-

I know a guy who thought he was going to profit handsomely on the
sale of his house. Unfortunately the market tanked and when the
payment came through he discovered he wasn't even going to recover
his initial investment. Guess that's what's known as a "realty check."

Gary Hallock


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