Thursday, November 16, 2006


I went to consult my favorite psychic yesterday and she had already
decorated her place for Christmas. She had dozens of little St. Nick
figurines on the shelf above her fireplace. I was kind of surprised
that she would do this sort of decorating so early in the season, but
I should have known. She's just an old Santa Mantel-ist.

I took my car to the body shop recently to have a broken door hinge
repaired. Although it's fixed now I wouldn't say the job was well
done. It was, however, well did.

I can stir the sugar in my coffee with either hand. I'm ambi-dextrose.

I have some diamond necklaces that I want to keep shiny so I think
I'll put a coat of lacquer on them. This probably sounds like a topic
for a science fiction story because it's a bit jewels varnish.

We've asked for volunteers to chair the Peer Review committee, the
Sexual Harassment committee and the Labor Relations committee. Now
Sylvia has already been in Labor for a few days and Peer's gone to
John so the only remaining question is who is to head up Harassment?

I think there's something wrong with that new Pope. He's been
addicted to something. You don't believe me? Look, It's right here in
the papacy.

Want to take a ride on my new pleasure boat? Everything on it is
state of the yacht!

Did Johann Sebastian have Bach springs on his bed?

I was no fan of Donald Rumsfeld but if we really want to protect our
borders I'm not sure we should have Gates on Defense.

Gary Hallock


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