Monday, June 16, 2008


Not many people know that Mr. Ed, that famous talking horse from TV,
once sired a son. It was much speculated that this little foal would
grow up to be a talker too, but whinny grew old enough to start
talking, the only sounds he made were merely traditional horse noises.
Of course everyone was a bit disappointed about his lack of speaking
ability and the poor colt was quickly saddled with a very awkward
nickname based upon the ordinary sounds he made. What nobody ever
expected was that this young horse with the linguistic bloodline
actually grew up to be a writer rather than a rider. He eventually
authored a book about himself and his relationship with his celebrity
sire. The title of his book sounded very much like that of a well
known war novel.

What was it called? "The 'Neigh Kid' and the Dad."

Gary Hallock


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