Saturday, September 05, 2009


The controversial former mayor of Washington D.C. was quite happy to hear that President Obama is going to be allowed to have a blackberry in the White House. He's expecting an invitation soon.

If they'd had a more reliable battery I'll bet the light brigade wouldn't have needed a charge.

Sometimes buying a designer label suit can cost you an Armani leg.

A winter sports retailer in Italy = Roman Pole&Ski

Bimbos driving Toyota trucks = Duh, Blonde Tundras

Are overworked elephants capable of multi-tusking?

Whenever I get the itch for some good loving I call up my best girl, Ivy. She has lots of poise'n' it's not surprising that I'd do something rash when I get that "gal'o'mine" notion.

I don't know if young cows ever drink coffee but I'll bet decaf who does would prefer his coffee black. I veal certain he wouldn't want anything to do with "calf in half." I'll bet they don't sell a lateĀ“that at SteerBucks.

I'll bet mistletoe is popular in France. People can be seen kissing at many Paris sites.

On stage at the end of Ziegfeld's Christmas shows I'll bet you could see many bows of folly.

Avoid creating a pregnant paws - spay or neuter your pet or they might end up in a comma.

There's some speculation that Jesus might have been a crack dealer because he wanted to make his disciples "fissures of men."

Not many people go to visit Walden's Pond any longer. I guess the bloom's off Thoreau's

I don't know much about March Madness basketball playoffs but it doesn't seem to me that anyone could make his picks with any confidence unless he had inside information that certain teams were planning to "throw the game." Ya know what they say, "If it ain't fixed, don't bracket."

A particular university with branches in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara & Seattle has a program aimed at providing tutoring help for under-performing students. The theory is that under achievers can boost their IQ by ingesting massive amounts of vitamins A, C & E. The control group participating in the study is known as "Antioch's Dense." [Side note: I don't believe this therapy works on free radical students.]

Gary Hallock


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