Friday, January 08, 2010


Q: - How was the underwear bomber recruited by Al Qaeda?
A: - They made him a diaper he couldn't re-fuse

Q: - What did the underwear bomber use to light his fuse?
A: - A Zippo

Q: - How can you tell when the underwear bomber is lying?
A: - His pants aren't on fire.

Q: - What was the first thing the underwear bomber's lawyer did in court?
A: - Filed his briefs

Q: - What did the underwear bomber use to buy his ticket?
A: - Frequent fire points.

Q: - What is the most logical airline for the underwear bomber to use next time?
A: - A fly by ignite operator.

Q: - How did the underwear bomber react when the flight attendant informed him he wasn't allowed to smoke?
A: - He was put out.

Q: - After his glorious career fizzled out, what became of the underwear bomber?
A: - They threw his ash in prison.

Q: - What happened when the underwear bomber discovered his wife was pregnant?
A: - They had a little blow up.

Q: - What sort of a lame excuse is he likely to offer to his Al Qaeda supervisors for his failure to explode?
A: - Costume Malfunction

Q: - Why was the underwear bomber so hungry after the plane landed?
A: - He detonate his lunch.

Q: - How many underwear bombers does it take to blow up a plane?
A: - Apparently more than one.

Q: - Why did the underwear bomber insist on sitting in an aisle seat?
A: - He was uncomfortable sitting in C-4

Q: - What happens when two underwear bombers accidentally board the same plane?
A: - Flame wars!

Q: - What will happen when the underwear bomber goes before the grand jury? 
A: - He will be quickly ignited.


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