Friday, October 27, 2006


Critics of Bush's immigration policy have taken off fence at his latest proposal and now find themselves up against the wall.

When he saw me fiddling with my old fashioned film camera, a friend suggested I should switch to digital. I replied, "Don't stop me now. I'm on a roll."

The Mafia godfather decided to drop his objection to the kinky sex acts between some of his henchmen. From now on he's going to let bi-goons be bi-goons.

Those sitting on coven's membership committee are having a hard time keeping their witch about them.

Q: On what "personals" website did Soccer star David Beckham meet his wife?

Jesus preached that it didn't matter how much money you have. This is known as his "Sermon on the Amount."

And then there was the sanitation department employee who commuted to & from work on horseback - "The sewer man on the mount."

Gary Hallock


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