Thursday, February 01, 2007


A skilled band of musicians was booked to perform a tribute concert
of famous jazz music pieces. On their playlist were memorable
instrumental works made famous by names such as Coltrane, Brubeck,
Hampton, Parker and Monk.

Live audiences tend to be very critical of poorly performed live
renditions of recordings made popular by the legendary names of jazz,
so the band director was quite adamant about having each piece
meticulously rehearsed. He noted with poignant irony that, for the
sake of authenticity, he would not allow any of the trademark
improvisations for which are the highlight of many jazz performances.

After their third frustrating evening of rehearsal, the exasperated
director reluctantly decided that the tune at the top of the bill,
Blue Monk, was just going to be more than this group could handle.
Admitting that the piece was far too complex and intricate to be
recreated by a live tribute band, he struck the opening number from
his playlist and announced, "We've rehearsed this piece for three
doggone nights. I've decided 'ONE' is Thelonious' number that you'll
never do."

Gary Hallock