Monday, July 27, 2009


I attended a Frisbee contest yesterday but it was far too windy for the
competition. The results were very disc-gusting.

The Spain's annual running of the Bulls in Spain was cancelled due to an
outbreak of "Humane Pamplona Virus." Participants, however, still
enjoyed themselves in local bistros with their second favorite sport,
The shooting of the Bull.

The swim meet was postponed because someone fouled the water in the
pool. Favored contestants were all washed up and some had to throw in
the towel.

The watermelon seed spitting contest was called off because none of
the seeded contestants expect to rate highly.

The wet t-shirt contest at the retirement home was cancelled for lack
of support.

The banana split festival has been cancelled due to lack of a peal.

The plans for a hugging marathon have been put on hold.

The barn dance has been cancelled on account of a hoedown for repair.

The origami convention was cancelled when the organization folded.

The Couples Camping Club disbanded because their meetings were just two in tents.

Gary Hallock