Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Didja hear about the new airport in London that's exclusively for
sissy boys? Heathrow's like a girl.

When they hypochondriac heard there was a new medication available to
treat cardiac pain, it made his heart soar.

A publisher recently approached the Hasbro/Playskool toy company about
creating a book that celebrates the history of their popular Weebles
child's toys. Nobody at the company was interested until the publisher
reminded them that such a book pretty much writes itself.

If you heard Mr. Standish's cell phone ringing as you went by, would
that be considered passing a Miles tone?

If you buy non-precious gems on eBay can you send your funds via

Did you hear about the walrus whose girlfriend refused to go steady
with him? She probably wanted to sea otters.

That walrus' promiscuous girlfriend couldn't stand his monogamous
ways so she broke up with him entirely. He was lately heard singing
the song..."You picked a fine time to leave me, loose seal."

Gary Hallock