Friday, November 14, 2008


One time the Godfather's wife volunteered to rub out the wife of
another mobster. She backed out at the last minute and instead of
whacking the broad, she merely tossed her in the dumpster. She made
her refuse. She couldn't off her.

The sheriff tossed the suspect in the cell and then he misplaced the
key. Some people think he did this on perps.

Did you hear about the veterinarian who was barred from performing any
surgery because he suffered from bouts of epilepsy? The cops busted
him for attempting to operate on a sick predatory bird but the case
was thrown out on a technicality. It was an ill eagle surgeon seizure.

When you sleep on the bottom bunk does that put you under arrest?

Didja hear about the troubled young gymnast who joined Alcoholics
Anonymous? She was doing pretty good until she ran across the gym beam
and fell off the wagon.

The funeral of the popular Brazilian band leader was really quite
festive. The musicians knew their bossa nova would have wanted them to
grieve and be samba. That's why we salsa many people dancing and
having fun.

I don't pretend to understand much about high finance and the bailout
of the banking industry, but it doesn't make much sense to me that the
government is spending billions of our dollars buying up "badass
sets." Are these collector's items?

Gary Hallock