Monday, February 02, 2009


Only half of the string quartet showed up for the recording session 
but they played anyhow. Unfortunately the performance didn't go very 
well so they asked for a duo-over

Closing in on age 40, Latino teen heartthrob Ricky Martin isn't really 
so young anymore. I hear he sometimes has trouble getting it up. Soon 
we'll hear him singing a different tune, "Livin' Levitra Loca"

When a group of "jar heads" had trouble locating their Colorado brewed 
beer in the dark, they used the Marine Corps' Light.

In the middle of a merry chase, those notorious Duke boys couldn't 
always outrun the law and often felt the need to sequester their 
beloved Dodge Charger down an overgrown path off the main road until 
the heat died down. Knowing that he wasn't so good at this trick 
himself, Luke General Lee allowed his brother to perform this task 
because he had such a good Bo car hide rate.

Gary Hallock